We hope you've opened the door of your heart and received Jesus as your Savior and Lord – that you've moved past the religion of Christianity into a relationship with Christ. If that's true, we couldn't be any more excited for you. Welcome to the family.

Now, we desperately want you to grow in that relationship. The day you begin any new relationship is a beginning not an ending. We want your relationship with Jesus to flow through your whole life – that you'd experience a redeemed life, not just pray a prayer that will hopefully get you into heaven some day.

Our church is here to help you connect with God and grow in your relationship with him. Whether you just opened that door, did it a long time ago, or still considering it, we'd be glad to have you at our church. For more info about us, click the logo below to go to our church's website.

Also, so that you might learn to walk daily with Jesus in your relationship with Him, click here for resources to help you on your journey of Christian growth.

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